Results 2023

Results for 2023 Carnival Competitions & Events will be listed here as soon as possible.

Misplaced Article Competition:

71 entries this year!
1st place : Billy Court
2nd place : Katie Elson
3rd place : Lacey Butler

The Duck Race:

The winning ducks
1st duck – 1368 (Treasure trove, Teignmouth)
2nd duck – 1129 (Stella)
3rd duck – 1223 (Natalie)
Congratulations to all ducks who took part, and to everyone who bought a ticket.

Darts Knockout at Teignmouth Inn:

Winner – Ian Henley
Runner up – Liam Town

Quiz Night:

1st place – Mayor of Munchin City
2nd place – Walking Gardeners
3rd place – Greg’s farmers

The amount of money raised for the event was £822 (£346 entries and £476 raffle) so huge thanks to everyone who took part.

Best dressed window competition:

Winner – Memories Florist
2nd – Puzzled Sweet Shop
3rd – Park Road Pets

Well done to all who entered – fantastic effort.

Pool Knockout at Teignmouth Inn:

Winner – James
Runner up – Scott

Adult Knockout:

Best dressed: Dysfunctional Barbies
Worst dressed: Team without John (Gresham &White Hart)
Winners: High Street Musical (Brunswick) 55 points
2nd place : Cabaret (RBL) 42 points
3rd place: Teignmouth Ladies Rugby 37 points
Famous Shooters 27, Team without John 26, BRA (DEN) 26, Dysfunctional Barbies 25, Kinky Boots 14

The Pram Race:

Mixed team:
1st Sister Act 22.16
2nd The Lion King Safari Tour 27.35
3rd The Gaggle Sisters 28.41

Female team:
1st Cats 21.58
2nd Woody’s 23.30
3rd The Legion’s Swan lake 24.00

Male team:
1st Sud slingers 19.50
2nd Life of Brian
3rd Pussies Galore 21.36

Junior Knockout:

1st – The Champions
2nd – The Fabs
3rd – Team Rainbow

1st – The loaf of bread
2nd – Black Swans
3rd – The Jaffa cakes

1st – Shawn the Sheep
2nd – Jumpy Wumpy
3rd – Rubens Dodgy Lemonade

Art competition:

Under 7yrs
1st Poppy (age 7) 2nd Polly (6) 3rd Noah (7)

1st Kitty (10) 2nd Reed (9) 3rd Emily (8)

1st Lauren (11) 2nd Isaac (13) Wendy (11)

Congratulations to our winners!

Baby Competition:

0-3 months – 1st Theodore, 2nd Paisley, 3rd Molly
4-9 months – 1st Levi, 2nd Crystal, 3rd Arthur
10-15 months – 1st Alfie, 2nd Manny, 3rd Betsy
16-24 months – 1st Chester, 2nd Rory, 3rd Edie-Rae

The Dog Show:

Results Human’s name first, dog second!:

Most gorgeous Male:
1st – Michaela with Frank
2nd – Peter with Smiley
3rd – Jess with Frank

Most gorgeous Female:
1st – Calum with Ivy
2nd – Gemma with Ruby
3rd – Jan with Marla

Most gorgeous Puppy:
1st – Denese with Winnie
2nd – Dan with Lady
3rd – Imogen with Belle

Best in Category:
Calum with Ivy

Best Trick:
1st – Anna with Roxy
2nd – Lizzie with Dexter
3rd – Vicky with Sid

Dog most like it’s owner:
1st – Rod with Skye
2nd – Bridge with Skye
3rd – Jessica with Pascal

Most well behaved Puppy:
1st – Imogen with Belle
2nd – Jay with Mabel
3rd – Nicky with Honey

Waggiest Tail:
1st – Barry with Molly
2nd – Mia and Phoebe with Milo
3rd – Maya with Patsy

Best in Show:

Reserve best in show:

Family Races:

2-3yr girls – 1st Mia 2nd Leah 3rd Carlie
2-3yr boys – 1st Stanley 2nd Atlas 3rd Toby
4-5yr girls – 1st India 2nd Ella 3rd Lilah
4-5yr boys – 1st Dougie 2nd Finley 3rd Sunny
6-7yr girls – 1st Polly 2nd Layla 3rd Eira
6-7yr boys – 1st Finley 2nd Albie 3rd Ronnie
8-9yr girls – 1st Sienenna 2nd Manie 3rd Emily
8-9yr boys – 1st Leo 2nd Liam 3rd William
10-11yr girls – 1st Anna 2nd Erin 3rd Sophia
10-11yr boys – 1st Jayjay 2nd Seb 3rd Ronnie
12-14yr girls – 1st Ella 2nd Lataya 3rd a disqualified Pinkie!
12-14 yr boys – 1st Zach 2nd Jack 3rd Stan

Female – 1st Lizzie 2nd Sally 3rd Emily
Male – 1st Shaun 2nd Stryka 3rd Jonathan

Female – 1st Donna 2nd Donna 3rd Maria
Male – 1st Stuart 2nd Martin 3rd Malcolm

Monday’s family races…3 generations of one family made it onto the podium – impressive!!
Hope everyone had a great time and remember…it’s the taking part that counts.

Clay Modelling:

This year we have a special award, The Mike Wedlake Cup for the best overall entry. The cup is named in memory of a much loved friend and long-standing supporter of carnival.

1st – Amy B
2nd – Sally H
3rd – Donna S

1st – Audrey
2nd – Daisy
3rd – Sienna

1st – Luca
2nd – Teddy
3rd – (joint)Amelie and Ebony

6 and Under
1st – Isla
2nd – Sophie
3rd – Seline

The Mike Wedlake Cup winner: Amy B

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