Results 2021

Best dressed window competition

Winner – Brainwave
2nd – Crafters
3rd – Ten Green Bottles

Dog Show Results

What a show with so many different breeds from German Shepherd , Mastiff, Bassett, Collie, Border terrier, jack Russell , Dachshund and everything in between.

Please fill in the gaps where we don’t have the winners names if you would like to. Apologies but we weren’t quick enough!

Most Gorgeous Pooch :
1st no. 53 Ted the Mastiff
2nd no. 31 Winston
3rd no. 29 the Border terrier

Best Trick :
1st no.22 Harry the Staffie
2nd no.1 Bonzo the Schnauzer puppy
3rd no.28 Roy the Pug

Dog most like it’s owner:
1st no.39 Buster the Boxer
2nd no. 20 Harry the Miniature Schnauzer
3rd no.14 Goldie

Best behaved puppy :
1st no.16 Bruno the Shichi
2nd no. 51 the Cocker spaniel
3rd no.30 Murphy the Cockerpoo

Waggiest tail:
1st no.87 Milo the Cocker spaniel
2nd no.79 the Cocker spaniel
3rd no.55 the Jack Russell terrier

Bruno the Shichi

Buster the Boxer

Junior Knockout Results

1st Pumas
2nd Speedy
3rd Troublemakers

1st Newton Town
2nd Dawlish Devils
3rd Zombie Blasters

1st Cheese & Onion Tortoises
2nd Rainbows
3rd Nanny Plum

Senior Knockout Results

Best Dressed – The Gresham

Worst Dressed – NFC

Best Comic Dressed – Ryders

1st Brunswick Arms
2nd Help for Heroes (RBL)
3rd Ryders

Pram Race Results

1st Who ya gonna call?
2nd Fireman Sam’s Uncles
3rd Bill and Ben

1st Keeping up with the Johnsons
2nd Jamaican Bobsleigh Team
3rd Education Heroes

Fastest Mixed team:
1st Summer Santas
2nd Super Guys
3rd Bill and Ben

Fastest Male team:
1st Avengers
2nd Jamaican BobsleighTeam
3rd Fireman Sam’s Uncles

Fastest Female Team:
1st Education Heroes
2nd Awesome Threesome
3rd Keeping up with the Johnsons

Results of the Baby Competition

1st Ivy
2nd Maisie
3rd Amelia

4-9 months:
1st Clara
2nd Everleigh
3rd Rudy

10-15 months:
1st Roman
2nd Minnie
3rd Isla Rose

16 – 24 months:
1st Willow
2nd Maisie
3rd Betty

Children’s Fancy Dress results

5yrs and under Decorative:
1st Polly – Super Fairy
2nd AJ – Doctor
3rd Elliott – Zog

5yrs and under Humorous:
1st Elise – Watermelon
2nd Lacey – Old Lady

6yr-8yr Devorative:
1st Emmett – Spiderman
2nd Thomas – Buzz

6yr-8yr Humorous:
1st Catherine – Soupergirl
2nd Ava – Old Lady

9yr-12yr Decorative:
1st Theo – Rocketman
2nd Lilly – Footballer

Wheeled Decorative:
1st – Thank you to our Superheroes
2nd – Education Heroes

Pairs Decorative:
1st Superhero Teachers
2nd Cats
3rd Beauty and the Beast

Pairs Humorous:
1st Jab’s a good’un
2nd Watermelon Sugar

Group Decorative:
1st Cast of Matilda

Thank you to our Superheroes


Well done to everyone who entered – you all looked FABULOUS!

Darts Knockout at Teignmouth Inn

Winner : Chris Hunt
Runner up : Ian Henley

Other Competition Winners

Disney Quiz: Daisy Wilson

Music Quiz: The Bradshaws

Misplaced Article: B Lambshead

Treasure Hunt: Polly

Adventure Trail: Alison Bower

Misplaced Article Answers

1. Human toothpaste
2. Left handed screwdriver
3. Teaspoon
4. Till Roll
5. Teddy Bear
6. Gnome
7. Rubik’s cube
8. Spaghetti strands
9. Cotton bud
10. Shuttlecock
11. Converse trainer superman
12. Lego man
13. Pen top
14. Elastic Band
15. Rose Bath bomb
16. Gold matchstick on figure
17. Picture 3 had no feet
18. Spiderman mobile
19. 20 p
20. Coat hanger
21. Peppa pig house
22. Apple
23. Button
24. Tonic water
25. Button
26. Wooden toothpick
27. Box of shortbread
28. Minion
29. Captain America bucket
30. Tin of tuna
31. Guitar Plectrum
32. Button
33. Polo mint
34. Cat sticker in dog sign
35. Pink boot
36. Tape measure
37. Teapot
38. Pencil sharpener I
39. Red Lego brick
40. Paperclip
41. Devon teabags
42. Latte spoon in case
43. Lollipop
44. Coffee Pod
45. Round sweet
46a. Croyde magnet
46b. Key
46c. Button
47. Teabag
48. Polo mint
49. House to rent in Tokyo
50. Danish Pastry
51. Peg
52. Cocktail stick
53. Jelly Mould

If you put cocktail stick or toothpick either was accepted. Hope everyone had fun taking part


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