Results 2022

Art competition:

Under 7yrs
1st Noah (age 6) 2nd Heidi (6) 3rd Esme(6)

1st Joshua (9) 2nd lucie (7) 3rd Euan (9)

1st Isaac (12) 2nd Madison (13) Emily (11)

The Pram Race:

Fastest Male – Sons of a beach (18 min 22 sec)
Fastest Female – TI Romans (22 min 45 sec)
Fastest Mixed Team – Rocket man (23 min 30 sec)
Best dressed – The UF Offs

View or download the full list of Pram Race timings HERE

Best dressed window competition:

Winner – Memories
2nd – Dawlish Cabs
3rd – Crafters

Highly commended:
Dart and Partners
10 Green Bottles
The Puzzled Sweet Shop

Well done to all who entered – fantastic effort 

Pool Knockout at Teignmouth Inn:

Winner – Mike Glenny
Runner up – Steve Glipin

Junior Knockout:

1st – Rascals
2nd – Rockets
Equal 3rd – Golden Top & Superstars

1st – Dawlish Dragons
2nd – Broadclyst FC
3rd – Star Trekkers

1st – Dawlish Drillers
2nd – Ehola
3rd – Peaches

Adult Knockout:

Worst dressed: Mel’s Hair Salon
Best dressed: Royal British Legion
Winners: Brunswick Arms
2nd place : Teignmouth Rugby
3rd place: South Devon Inn
Our 6th team – No1 Cafe

Clay Modelling:

1ST VICKY COLE- Space Axolot
2ND MARTHA- Aliens
3RD JEAN RODD (Sefton Hall) Fruit Basket

1ST GRACE- Harry Potter
2ND MABEL- Dog Head
3RD- WILLOW- Rocket, Planet

1ST SUMMER- Chameleon
2ND AMÁLIA – Owls and Snake

6 and Under
1st Poppy- Dog
2nd George- Alien
3rd Amelia- Rose- Person

Misplaced Article Competition:

71 entries this year!
1st place : Sally Henley
2nd place : Lucy Wright
3rd place : Katie Elson

Football Darts:

The winner is – Stanley Smith

Darts Knockout at Teignmouth Inn:

Winner – Danny Elson
Runner up – Darren Bowen

Treasure Trail:

Winner – Billy Court

Adventure Trail:

Winner – Alison Bower

The Dog Show:

Please let us know if you can add some names to the winners listed.

Most gorgeous Male
1st – Walter the Cocker Spaniel
2nd – The French Bulldog
3rd – The Chocolate Lab

Most gorgeous Female
1st – Ruby the Rottador
2nd – The Cavapoo
3rd – The Whippet

Most gorgeous Puppy
1st – Pascal the Golden Retriever
2nd – The Dachsund
3rd – The Mixed Breed

Most gorgeous Pooch – Ruby the Rottador
Best Trick – Dexter the Sprockerpoo
Dog most like it’s owner – Serrin the Poochon
Best behaved Puppy – Poppy the little mixed breed
Waggiest Tail – Milo the Cocker Spaniel

Reserve – Dexter the Sprockerpoo
Best in Show – Ruby the Rottador

The Duck Race:

The winning ducks
1st – 377
2nd – 930
3rd – 533
Congratulations to all ducks who took part.

Baby Show:

0-3 months – 1st only Novah Rose
4-9 months – 1st Flora, 2nd Chester, 3rd Riley
10-15 months – 1st Logan, 2nd Bobby, 3rd George
16-24 months – 1st Clara, 2nd Harper, 3rd Thor

Quiz Night:

1st place with 68 – Incredible Bulk
2nd place with 62 – Inter Stella
3rd place with 61 and 1/2 – Stranded Rails
Finishing in last place with 34 – Risky Quizness.

Thanks everyone for taking part – hope you had a good night .

Family Races:

2-3yr girls – 1st Amelia Rose 2nd Annie 3rd Evie
2-3yr boys – 1st Finley 2nd Rowen 3rd Stanley
4-5yr girls – 1st India 2nd Ellye 3rd Polly
4-5yr boys – 1st Bobby 2nd Mason 3rd
6-7yr girls – 1st Rosie 2nd Freya 3rd Macie
6-7yr boys – 1st Tommy 2nd Ronnie 3rd Archie
8-9yr girls – 1st Bea 2nd Marnie 3rd Phoebe
8-9yr boys – 1st Liam 2nd Charlie 3rd Reilly
10-11yr girls – 1st Megane 2nd Ella 3rd Rachel
10-11yr boys – 1st Jack 2nd Joseph 3rd William
12-14yr girls – 1st Hebe 2nd Abi
(and we had Pinkie Laura making up the numbers in 3rd)
12-14 yr boys – 1st Fletcher against Pinkie Chris
Mums – 1st Emily 2nd Carly 3rd Jo
Dads – 1st Mark 2nd Simon 3rd Dave
Grandparents – 1st Alan 2nd Marilyn 3rd Caz & Maria

TALLEST TOWER (spaghetti & marshmallows):

1st – Theatre Lovelies 90cm
2nd – Governor 89cm
3rd – Chocolate Tea Pot 88cm

Scavenger Hunt

Winner – Rosie

Target Bowls:

Junior winner – Charlie Carrick with 5 points
Adult winner – Martin Johnson with 14 points.

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