Meet the Pinkies!

The Pinkies are the volunteers on the Committee behind Dawlish Celebrates Carnival.

Pinkies on a Mountain Bike 2022None of the pinkies are paid and putting on a carnival means planning once the last one ends. Many of them take annual leave to be volunteering to set up, put on and then take down the carnival set. It’s a big voluntary commitment. If you would like to know more about joinig the committee please get in touch!

The Pinkies though rely on an army of volunteers who help out during the week – no time commitment is too small to give! We’d love to hear from you if you can offer any time!

Each Pinkie is listed with their areas of responsibility!

Angie Weatherhead, Chairman

Jill King, Vice-Chairman, Marquee and Sponsorship

Cary Avery. Logistics Head

Chris Booth, Treasurer

Becs Booth, Sponsorship

Mary Lowther, Secretary

Ben Birdsey, Vice Chairman, Stalls and Administration

Huw Weatherhead, Parade and logistics team

Laura Cridge, Children’s activities and a load more stuff

Hannah Cridge,  Children’s activities and a load more stuff

Mandy Bagdi, Volunteers

Anton Passmore, Store and logistics team

Presidents – Sally and Trevor Straford

These are some pictures from the first Dawlish Celebrates Carnival  of old and new pinkies showing how mad we can be!!


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