Meet the Pinkies!

The Pinkies are the volunteers on the Committee behind Dawlish Celebrates Carnival.

They have been asked to provide some information on themselves but it takes awhile…so we’ll do updates as we get them….

Each is listed with their areas of responsibility!

Trevor Stratford, Chairman

I have recently retired, after 42 years, from the Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.  It was a really different job with no day the same, which has equipped me well for Carnival organisation!! I have a family and married to Sally who is also on the Committee.  I love my rugby and having played at a good level, cycle and swim, having recently completed the River Dart 10k charity swim.  More recently looking to try canoeing. Watch this space. Carnival has something for everyone and whilst the preparations can on occasions be hard going, once we get to the week, its great watching everyone, including the Committee enjoying themselves.

Geoff Wills, Vice Chairman and Logistics

Ken Brimacombe, Treasurer

Mary Lowther, Secretary

Helen Wills, Volunteers

Alison Holmes, Bookings

Marilyn Brimacombe, Parade

Sophie Brimacombe, Float

Judith Robins, Sponsorship

Sally Stratford, Sponsorship

Darren Wright, Pub Challenge

Angie Weatherhead, IT and Social Media

President – John O’Donoghue 

Vice Presidents – Val and Mike Wedlake


These are some pictures of them at the first Dawlish Celebrates Carnival event – they enjoyed it so much they are back for 2017!!

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