Public statement – Dawlish Celebrates Carnival 

15th March 2021

We’d like to thank everyone who has asked whether Dawlish Celebrates Carnival is going ahead this year as we have had lots of interest which shows how much affection there is for the event.

Currently, what requirements or restrictions we may need to meet for holding Carnival or any event after 21st June is not yet clear. The Government has an Events Research Programme which reports during the roadmap timescale and this will guide decisions not only for Carnival but all larger scale events. The Carnival is held on our wonderful public open space of Lawn and normally is open to all so restrictions of any kind would have a significant impact on the type of event we could hold.

So the carnival committee are planning Plan A and Plan B. Plan A what we hope to do if its like normal but plan B what Carnival might look like if for example there any aspect of social distancing or we was had to limit numbers.

As you can imagine this is not easy and all of carnival committee are volunteers. Many of them have also been volunteering manning the hospital car park for the vaccinations over recent months.

One aspect that is certain for 2021 is we are not planning a parade or glow show. We know this will be a massive disappointment as over the last few years our parade has been spectacular, and we have had a growing audience for the glow show.  Why have we taken this decision?

Dawlish Celebrates Carnival is part of the South Devon Carnival Association and many of the carnivals bring their wonderful floats to Dawlish. This year we know already that 5 carnivals have cancelled their processions and several more will not be having any floats this year to bring out to Dawlish.

This is a significant issue for how the parade looks – in addition the showstoppers of Ramage Mas, stilt walkers, Spark! and other entertainment we have to give the parade a wonderful atmosphere is bought in. Our parade entertainment costs alone were nearly £9000 in 2019 and the glow show a similar figure.  We know businesses and families have had it tough over the last year and won’t be able to support us in 2021 as they in the past to raise these funds. In 2019 carnival as a whole cost nearly £60,000.  So as a committee it seems sensible not to try and put on a parade which would only disappoint and that’s if it is possible.

So yes, the Committee are trying to plan for a carnival week between 14th and 20th August and for lots of fun, but it’s still uncertain now.

So stay well and we’ll be making further announcements over the coming months so follow us on Facebook or our website for updates.

Angie Weatherhead


Dawlish Celebrates Carnival


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