Summer Competitions 2020

Thanks to all those all took part in our socially distanced competitions in 2020!

Best Dressed Window Results:

1st place- Chic and Sassy
2nd place – Crafters of Dawlish
3rd place – The Puzzled Sweet Shop.

Misplaced Article Competition Results:

Prizes: 1st £20, 2nd Prize £10 3rd Prize £5 plus rosettes to all winners.

1st Primrose
2nd Max
3rd Kate

Fun Treasure Trail Results:

Prizes: 1st £20 2nd and 3rd certificates plus rosettes to all the winners.

1st Emma
2nd Polly and Theo
3rd Mrs Thornton

Virtual Dog Show Results:

Thanks to Park Road Pets and Dinkum Dogs for their support agreeing to judge and for giving prizes!

Prizes: 1st Most Gorgeous Dog won dog food and treats donated by Park Road Pets, 1st Scruffiest Dog won a groom from Dinkum Dogs, 1st Dog most like its owner won a gift card and dog treats. 2nd and 3rd in all categories win certificates and rosettes.

Dog most like owner
1st Rollo
2nd Nacho
3rd Merlin

Scruffiest Dog
1st Molly
2nd Molly
3rd Nacho

Most Gorgeous Dog
1st Merlin
2nd Paddy
3rd Murphy

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