Results 2019

Kids’ Quiz 

winner  is Nahla

the answers are:
1) blue white and red
2) triceratops
3) pink
4) false
5) enchanted
6) safari
7) fish
8) Hermione and Ron
9) False
10) 168
11) Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
12) Frozen
13) Giraffe
14) Princess Fiona
15) True

Adults’ Quiz 

 winner Sarah Bagdi


1) 71%
2) Zebra
3) 12
4) Journalism
5) 50 years
6) Cauliflower
7) Mo Farah
8) Catalans Dragons
9) Ian McKellan
10) John Simm
11) Mars
12) True
13) Istanbul
14) John
15) Carhaix -Plougher (or Carhaix)

Fun Treasure Hunt

We had 5 correct entries for the Fun Treasure Hunt.
The winning sheet was drawn by our President John and the winners are The Cridges & Henleys.

The correct answers are:
1) Dawlish Journeys
2) 2014
3) Well over 40 years
4) 1887
5) Dawlish Round Table
6) Kennaway Tunnel
7) 24
8) Coryton Cove
9) 913 yards
10) 4
11) 5 mins
12) Mon-Sat £2.40 Sun £2.50
13) 1805
14) Marine Tavern
15) EX79PW
16) Safari
17) 1717
18) Shaftesbury
19) 10
20) Chez Carr
21) Bowls

Nostalgia Day
Three- legged race 1:
1st Archie Spokes and Isaac Henley
2nd Mark and Stephanie Shillingford
3rd Toni and In Twist
Three-legged race 2:
1st Michelle Roberts and Ann Twist
2nd Kate and Aidy Loveless
3rd Maia Henley and Caroline Spokes
Sack Race 1:
1st Ian Henley
2nd Maia Henley
3rd Archie Spokes
Sack race 2:
Joint 1st Judy Saunders and Sarah Bartholomew
2nd Laura Frost
3rd “quackers”
Sack Race 3:
Joint 1st Ryan Challinor and David Challinor
Joint 2nd Martin Charlesworth and Aidy Loveless

Junior pram race results:

Most humorous 5-7 years
1st Cockles

Most humorous 8-11 years
1st Mario McLaren
2nd Seaside Squad

Fastest 5-7 years
1st Cockles

Fastest 8-11 years
1st Mario McLaren
2nd Seaside Squad

Children’s Fancy Dress

Under 5s Decorative
1st Beach Hut
2nd Mermaid with tale
3rd Baby Sandcastle
Highly Commended The Parrot

Under 5s Humorous
1st Land Girl
2nd Fireman
3rd The Pirate

6 to 8 Decorative
1st Beach Clean
2nd Cup Cake
3rd Navy Bathing Costume
Highly Commended Aquaman

6 to 8 Humorous
1st Beach Clean
2nd Jelly Fish
3rd Octapus
Highly commended Ice cream cone

9 to 12 Decorative
1st Seashells
2nd Ice cream and fruit shop
3rd Horse rider

13 and over
1st Brits on the beach

Pairs decorative
1st Bucket and Spade

Pairs humorous
1st Crab and Bucket
2nd Slinky spring
3rd Honey I shrunk the Gruffalo
Highly commended Charlie and the Chocolate  and Miss Muffet and Spider

Groups Decorative
1st King of the Castle
2nd Toy Story

Wheeled Decorative
1st Feather Frenzy
2nd Dawlish

Humorous Decorative
1st Cockles and mussles
2nd Super Mario

Overall Decorative
1st Feather Frenzy

Overall Humorous
1st Needs a bigger bucket.

Clay modelling prize winners
6 and under
1st Logan Ravenlock
2nd Kathryn Dawson
3rd Reeva Burden
Highly commended Sienna Graham

7 to 10 years
1st Tiffany Saunders
2nd Lily King
3rd Jasmine
Highly Commended Felix Rawlings Smith

Clay modelling
11 to 15 years
1st Gracie Sluman
2nd Amy Catmull
3rd Phoebe Reed
Highly commended Tabitha Tremlett

1st Hannah King
2nd Jenny Beech
3rd Drew Cartmull
Highly commended Katie Mac

Residential homes
The Rise
1st Nikki Fletcher
2nd Charlotte Milliffe
3rd Dot Hipwell
Highly Commended Jean Selby

Full results of welly wanging

Under 5s
1st Morgan Adams 13.4m
2nd William Fry 12.5m

Under 10s
1st Jack Bryant 27.8m
2nd Ethan Dykes 27.6m

Under 16s
1st Alisha Archer 34.1m
2nd Isaac Henley 30.6m

Adult Female:
1st Rosie Dawson 22m
2nd Claire Adams 19.4m

Adult Male
1st Dan Force 38.3m
2nd Jason Mattey 30.7m


Blue Cross Agility Course Winner


Dog Show Winners

Most gorgeous pooch (dogs)
1st RONNIE with Cathy Gray
2nd CAPTAIN HOLT with Linda Ashton
3rd NACHO with Stryka Blackwell

Most gorgeous pooch (puppies)
1st FREEDOM with Lucy Rogers
2nd LOLA with Michelle Wilkinson
3rd BELLA with Elaine Rowse

Best Trick
1st FLYNN with Julie Cosh
2nd NACHO with Stryka Blackwell
3rd TALLULAH with Sue Faulkner-Denton

Waggiest tail
1st DUKE with Poppy Jose
2nd CANDY with Lyndsay Storton
3rd OTTO with Lesley Ryan

Dog most like owner
1st BULLET with Will Mole
2nd HARRY with Judith Gloster
3rd OLLIE with Peter Lamb

Best behaved puppy
1st FREEDOM with Lucy Rogers
2nd BENJI with Sam Harris
3rd FLYNN with Julie Cosh

Overall Reserve – DUKE with Poppy Jose
Best PUPPY in Show – FREEDOM with Lucy Rogers
Reserve best PUPPY in show – LOLA with Michelle Wilkinson

Carnival Quiz

1st Los Quintos Pratos – 65.5

2nd Beauties and Beasts – 65

3rd KPLMDS – 63.5

Best Dressed Window

1st Curios

2nd Kemps Cabs

3rd Brainwave

Dawlish in Bloom  2019


Holiday accommodation – Bridge House, Dawlish

Commercial  – Dan Force, The Brunswick Arms

Community Centre/ Church – St Mary’s Church Cofton – Val Jeffrey

Residential Hanging Baskets – Gordon Hayday, Dawlish

Residential Front Garden – Joint Winners John Carne and Marion Evans

Overall Winner: Mr Gordon Hayday

Junior Knockout

5-7 years

  1. Team 6 – 24 points
  2. Team 2 – 17 points
  3. Team 3 – 16 points
  4. Team 5 – 11 points
  5. Team 1 – 9 points

8-10 years

  1. Team 1 – 20 points
  2. Team 6 – 18 points
  3. Team 4 – 17 points
  4. Team 3 – 16 points
  5. Team 2 – 14 points

11-15 years

  1. Team 5 – 17 points
  2. Team 1 – 16 points
  3. Team 3 – 14 points
  4. Team 4 – 8 points
  5. Team 2 – 5 points

Children’s Races

Boys 2 -3 years

1st Alex Still
2nd George West
3rd Jake West

Girls 2-3 years
1st Amelie Brooks
2nd Chelsea Sheekan
3rd Erica Swift

Boys 4-5 years
1st William Fry
2nd Edward Phoenix
3rd Reed Bearne

Girls 4-5 years
1st Alyssa Sheehan
2nd Rosie Milner
3rd Sienna Graham

Boys 6 -7 years
1st JJ Richardson
2nd Leon Ruderham
3rd Nate Squires

Girls 6-7 years
1st Maisie O’Donoghue
2nd Alexa Bytheway

Boys 8 -9 years
1st Nathan Miller
2nd Harley Beckwith
3rd Logan King

Girls 8-9 years
1st Zoe Capel
2nd Megan Johnson
3rd Jasmine Ruderham

Boys 10 – 11 years
1st Sonny Mitchell
2nd Josh Bullock
3rd Frazer Adams

Girls 10 – 11 years
1st Alice Boyett
2nd Alexia Richardson
3rd Ms Wallace

BoysJ 12-14 years
1st Jack Long
2nd Isaac Henley
3rd Samuel White

Girls 12 -14 years
1st Alisha Archer
2nd Jessica Hill
3rd Phoebe Reed

1st Holly Symons (5th year of winning)
2nd Kate Gaskell
3rd Annie Waller

1st Simon Henley
2nd Ian Henley
3rd Dean King

1st Tracey Ellis
2nd  ?
3rd Claire McClusker

1st Keith Archer
2nd Bernard Currey (great grandad!)

Sack Race – Ladies
1st Charlotte Cridge
2nd Maia Henley
3rd Michelle Evans

Sack Race – Men
1st Jack Gaskell
2nd Damian Bartholomew
3rd Ryan Shapter

Treasure Hunt

We had 19 completed entries and the winner is:

Jesse Whitford (age 7)

Sand sculpture on the bandstand results:

Family group:
1st Smith
2nd Henleys
3rd Frost
Highly-Commended Whittle-Hickson

5 and under:
1st Elsie
2nd Sophia
3rd Reed
Highly Commended Polly

6 to 10 years
1st Max
2nd Bertie
3rd Eliza
Highly Commended Matilda

11 to 15 years
1st Alica 1
2nd Alica 2
3rd Callum



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