Results from Dawlish Celebrates Carnival 2016

Kids Quiz Winners in 2016 Programme
Zach and Megan Willson

Adult Quiz Winner in 2016 Programme
Chris Saich

Misplaced Article Winners in 2016 Programme
1st Heather Brock
2nd Debbie Bell
3rd Honor & Ehren Lovell

Winner of the Foot Treasure Hunt (Treasure Trail) 2016
Annie Hyde

Winner of £100 Cash Draw
Lois Herbert

Sponsored Cash Draw Results
1st Prize – Ticket 0861
2nd Prize – Ticket 0245
3rd Prize – Ticket 0799

Name the Teddy – Name was Foxy
Winner  Jake Potter

Duck Race Winning Tickets
1st – £50 prize Number 141
2nd – £30 prize Number 512
3rd – £20 prize Number 231

Results of the Grand Finale Carnival Parade Judging
A – Floats longer than 25ft
1st – Africa
2nd – Swinging Sixties
3rd – Steve Swift Forestry

B – Floats shorter than 25ft
1st – Silly Farts Circus
2nd – Wurzelettes
3rd – Budrock and Roll

C – Visiting Royalty
1st – Queen of the Jungle (Ashburton)
2nd – Specially for You (Teignmouth)
3rd – Calypso Queen (Chudleigh)

C1 – Queen of Queens: Queen of the Jungle

C2 – Princess: Venetian Dreams (Bovey Tracy)

C3 – Attendants: Specially for You

D – Community or Mixed Group Youth
1st – Footlights Dance Academy
2nd – Step 2 Starz

E – Community or Mixed Group Adult & Mixed Ages
1st – Buzz
2nd – Nut Heads
3rd – Saree Saree Delights

F – Individual Fancy Dress Adult
1st – Storm Trooper
2nd – Little Bo Peep
3rd – William Shakespeare

G – Motorised Pedestrian Entry
1st – Steam Pink (Swish Housekeeping)

Baby Show Results
0-3 months
1st – Roman Stephens – 11 weeks
2nd – Frankie Coles – 12 weeks
3rd – Amelia-Jane – 3 weeks

4-9 months
1st – Ronnie Saich – 7 months
2nd – Heidi England – 8 months
3rd – Bonnie McKirdy – 4 months

10-15 months
1st – Savannah Dodd-Cassella – 12 and half months
2nd – Macie Moore – 13 months
3rd – Aiden Arthur Terry – 14 months

16-24 months
1st – Grace Mason – 18 months
2nd – Alfie Challinor – 22 months
3rd – Evelyn Grace Spear – 18 months

Results of the Children’s Races
Over 133 children and 15 adults took part!

Girls 2-3 years
1st – Poppy Forrest…
2nd- Imogen Garrett
3rd – Lacey Butler

Boys 2-3 years
1st – Larry Aldworth
2nd- Leon Ruderham
3rd- Lewis Farley

Girls 4-5 years
1st – Launa Symons
2nd – Katie Stoneman
3rd – Pippa Mackintosh

Boys 4 -5 years
1st – Noah Morgan
2nd – Sam Harris
3rd – Cameron Chambers

Girls 6-7 years
1st – Alice Boyett
2nd – Mia Bell
3rd – Talia Dudley

Boys 6-7 years
1st – Alfie Wileman
2nd -Tom Turner
3rd- Harvey Brimcombe

Girls 8-9 years
1st – Alissia Stephens
2nd – Ruby Turner
3rd – Gracie Sluman

Boys 8-9 years
1st – Sonny Mitchell
2nd – Ben Cornish
3rd – Hudson Peattie

Girls 10 -11 years
1st – Anon
2nd – Jessica Hellier
3rd – Gracie Briscoe

Boys 10-11 years
1st – Brandon Thomas
2nd – Angus Peattie
3rd – Alastair Klemz

Boys 12-14 years
1st – Barnaby Edgar
2nd – Henry Reed

Mum’s Race
1st – Holly’s Symons
2nd – Aimee Povey
3rd – Sally Forrest

Dad’s Race
1st – Craig Farley
2nd – Martin Burley
3rd – Michael Symons
Results of the Dog Show

Gorgeous Pooch
1st – Queenie -Bulldog/Sharpie – Rachel Addison
2nd – Pomme – Lolte – Jessica Coleman
3rd – German Shepherd – name not given – Lucy Watson

Best Trick
1st – Yorkie/Poodle – Marco – Mr Bennett
2nd – Dach/Cross – Elsa – Riley Greway
3rd – Labrador – Poppy – Joanna Tollyfields

Most Like Owner
1st – French Bulldog – Louis – John Clifford
2nd- Poodle – Ena – Jessica Hellier
3rd – Welsh Border Collie – Barney – R.Cridge

Best Behaved
1st – Labrador – Tiger Lilly – Mrs Emma Dart
2nd – Collie – Susie – Mrs Falkner
3rd – Lurcher – Jessy – Chris Cook

Best Waggy Tail
1st – Springer – Kacey – Miss Wills
2nd – Boxer – Buster – Carle Greene
3rd – Larbardor – Flogo – G. Curtis-Garland

Best in Show
French Bulldog – Louis – John Clifford

Spring – Kacey – Miss Wills

Results of Mackerel Fishing – 18 entries
Mackerel Winners:
Kirsty Coasts – 5 and half lb senior
Keoni Mole – three quarter lb Junior

Crab Fishing Results
Over 8 – Izaak Brock with 31 crabs
Under 8 – Brooke Mole with 27 crabs

Results of Darts Competition

Men’s Winner Chris Hunt
Runner up Kevin Mansell

Ladies Winner Helen Woolley
R/Up Lorraine Hale

Results of the Pool Competition
1st – Joe Clarke
Runner up – Darren Cooper

Dawlish Sports Bar Quiz
Winners – Bar Flies
Joint last – No Idea / Useless and hopeless
Results of the Sand Sculpture Competition
5 and under
1st Zack Cowling
2nd Eric Austin

6-10 years
1st Bonnie Austin
2nd joint – Arthur Edgar, Thomas Hellier and Ryan Hellier
3rd joint – Saskia, Anton, Heidi Wallace-James and Joe Wallace-Jones

11-15 years
1st – Katie Smith
2nd joint – Barnaby Edgar, Kai Osmond
3rd – Tabatha Tremlett

1st joint -Jules Edgar, Jessica Hellier and Lucy Hellier
2nd – joint – Lily Wallace-Jones and Donna Wallace-Jones
3rd – Caroline Wallace and Jacob James

Results of the Welly Wanging:
Adult men:
1st Barry Cooke
2nd Richard Woods
3rd Richard Pepper

Adult women:
1st Rosemary Nolan
2nd Jess Veacock
3rd Angelique Aldworth

Under 16:
1st Cian Rees
2nd Macy Lowcock
3rd Holly Cooke

Under 10:
1 Ise Aworinde
2 Daniel Mattey
3 Ava Aldworth

Under 5
1 Larry Aldworth
2 Alexa Bytheway
3 Lucas Bunker

Children’s Fancy Dress Results
Under 5s – Transformer
6-8 years – Queen Elizabeth
9-12 years – Viking
Pairs – 16 Peas in a Pod
Groups – Birds of a Feather
Wheeled – Rio
Overall – Rio

Under 5s – Weatherspoons and Darth Vader
6-8 years – Black Swan
9 – 12 years – Indian Squaw
Pairs – Chinese
Groups – Space
Wheeled – Chinese Restaurant
Overall – Chinese Restaurant

Pram Race Winners
Decorative – 1st Mad Hatters Tea Party, 2nd Flintstones, 3rd Pokemon Go!
Humorous – 1st Foo Kin Delicious, 2nd Dawlish Celebrates Circus and 3rd HMS Geralds.

Winners of the fastest pram race team competition:
1st We must be mad (28.53)
2nd Carnival Clowns (29.55)
3rd Foo Kin Delicious (30.14)

1st Rio Olympic Ambulance (15.47)
2nd Team GB (16.11)
3rd Hawaiian Surf (16.23)

1st Naughty Neons (27.15)
2nd Geralds Supermarket (28.37)
3rd Pokeman Go (29.21)

Clay Modelling Results
6 Years and Under
1st – Megan Binyon
2nd – Maya Thompsett
3rd Joint – Lily Kendell
3rd Joint – Aaron Whitely

7 to 10 years
1st – Reggie Pickin
2nd – Gracie Sluman
3rd Joint – Evelyn Binyon
3rd Joint – Amber Hurdley

11 to 15 years
1st – Katie Street
2nd – Yasmin Sluman
3rd Joint – Alice Smith
3rd Joint- James Whitley

1st Sacha Willoughby
2nd Rebecca Moffat
3rd Martin Boxall
4th Evie Botall

It’s a Knockout – Seniors
Comic Dressed – Sexy Santa’s and Connor
Best Dressed – Samba Rejects
Worst Dressed – We’re gonna win
Overall It’s a Knockout Champions – Sexy Santas and Connor.

Junior It’s A Knockout

Ages 5 to 7 years
1st The Knockouts (110 points) – Thomas Hellier, Arthur Edgar, Alexander Andrew and Alf Grim
2nd The Mamma Mias (80 points) – Keziah Whitehead, Mia Mitchell, Alana Whittle and Jessica Hellier.
3rd The Unicorns (60 points) – Launa Symons, Ella Riches, Mya Harris, Mylie England and Evie Butler.

Ages 8 to 10 years
1st Dabbling Six -Charlie Muir, Jack Muir, Stanley Grim, Ben Butler, Angus Peattie and Hudson Peattie
2nd Olympians – Alfie Lane, Sonny Mitchell, Taig England, Ashley Lane, Ben Mitchell and Williams Evans
3rd Olympic Rejects – Lillie Vokins, Darcy Rabbage, Freya Cook, Paige Nightingale, Isobel Perryman and Lily Buckle

Ages 11 to 15
1st – Dawlish Divas (150 points – unbeaten) – Darcy Rabbage, Lauren Blick, Abi Blick and Olivia Lambshead
2nd – Nutcrackers (110 points) -Jack Cable, Zak Forrest, Jacob Forrest, Aaron Rice.
3rd – Race Wreckers (50 points) – George Evans, Rhys Rice, Daniel Whitehead and Matthew Whitehead.

Results of the Best Dressed Window competition
1st Once Upon A Time
2nd British Red Cross
3rd Children’s Society

Results of the Five A Side Football
Under 8s Winners – Dawlish Little Tacklers
Under 10s Winners – The Wolverines
Under 12s Winners – STARCROSS Royals.

Team Winners from the Quiz night
1. Random Guesses with the score 208
2. Pick n mix with the score 204
3. Quiz me quick with the score 198

5K Fun Run
1st Place – Owen Mitchell Time 19.54
2nd Place – Todd Squire Time 22.57
3rd Place – Pete Brown Time 26.15

Raft Race Winners
Best Construction: The Hulk

Fancy Dress: Last Hope

Best Effort awarded jointly to: Men at Work and DILLIGAF

Junior Fun Run
13-15 years
1.Max Finlow
2.Barnaby Edgar

10-12 years
1.Jessica Hill
2.Casey Finlow
3.Lilly-May Hayes

Children’s Challenge

Homemade greetings card

7 years and under: 1st. D.J.KK     2nd.   Tess Lawson

8-11 years: Tie 1st. Lilly-May Hayes and Tabitha Tremlett

2nd. Nerissa Lawson

Tie 3rd. Ruby Cheevers and Allana Foote

Model using only recycled materials

7 years and under:   1st. Katherine Dawson             2nd.   Launa Symons

8-11 years:            1st. Lexi Smith

12-16 years:           Tie 1st. Lauren Kalynuk-Saunders and Taylor Ismail-Smith

Drawing, painting or collage on the theme of “Carnival”

7 years and under:   1st. Audrey         2nd. Emily Taylor   3rd. Marlee Parsons

8-11 years:               1st. Ruby Cheevers       2nd. Lilly-May Hayes

Flower arrangement in a mug or teacup

7 years and under:     1st.   Bo Cheevers                   2nd.   Tess Lawson

8-11 years:               1st.   Nerissa Lawson

Poem, limerick or song about Dawlish

7 years and under:     1st. Katherine Dawson       2nd. Zachariah Bown

8-11 years:               1st. Nerissa Lawson

Tie 2nd.   Danielle Garrett and Tabitha Tremlett

12-16 years:              1st.   Rosa-May Bown

Picture or creation made with seashells

7 years and under:     1st. Ronnie Pickin         2nd. Katherine Dawson

3rd. Bo Cheevers

8-11 years:               1st.   Ruby Cheevers         2nd.   Yasmin Slu

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