Parade 2016

Below are some of the pictures we took from the 2016 Dawlish Celebrates Carnival Parade.

There are also some excellent photos and videos on our Facebook page and Utube channel these links as well:

Howard Almond – Flickr photos

Results of the Grand Finale Carnival Parade Judging
A – Floats longer than 25ft…
1st – Africa
2nd – Swinging Sixties
3rd – Steve Swift Forestry

B – Floats shorter than 25ft
1st – Silly Farts Circus
2nd – Wurzelettes
3rd – Budrock and Roll

C – Visiting Royalty
1st – Queen of the Jungle (Ashburton)
2nd – Specially for You (Teignmouth)
3rd – Calypso Queen (Chudleigh)

C1 – Queen of Queens: Queen of the Jungle

C2 – Princess: Venetian Dreams (Bovey Tracy)

C3 – Attendants: Specially for You

D – Community or Mixed Group Youth
1st – Footlights Dance Academy
2nd – Step 2 Starz

E – Community or Mixed Group Adult & Mixed Ages
1st – Buzz
2nd – Nut Heads
3rd – Saree Saree Delights

F – Individual Fancy Dress Adult
1st – Storm Trooper
2nd – Little Bo Peep
3rd – William Shakespeare

G – Motorised Pedestrian Entry
1st – Steam Pink (Swish Housekeeping)

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