Junior It’s A Knockout 2016

Results and Pictures of Junior It’s A Knockout

Ages 5 to 7 years
1st The Knockouts (110 points) – Thomas Hellier, Arthur Edgar, Alexander Andrew and Alf Grim
2nd The Mamma Mias (80 points) – Keziah Whitehead, Mia Mitchell, Alana Whittle and Jessica Hellier.
3rd The Unicorns (60 points) – Launa Symons, Ella Riches, Mya Harris, Mylie England and Evie Butler.

Ages 8 to 10 years
1st Dabbling Six -Charlie Muir, Jack Muir, Stanley Grim, Ben Butler, Angus Peattie and Hudson Peattie
2nd Olympians – Alfie Lane, Sonny Mitchell, Taig England, Ashley Lane, Ben Mitchell and Williams Evans
3rd Olympic Rejects – Lillie Vokins, Darcy Rabbage, Freya Cook, Paige Nightingale, Isobel Perryman and Lily Buckle

Ages 11 to 15
1st – Dawlish Divas (150 points – unbeaten) – Darcy Rabbage, Lauren Blick, Abi Blick and Olivia Lambshead
2nd – Nutcrackers (110 points) -Jack Cable, Zak Forrest, Jacob Forrest, Aaron Rice.
3rd – Race Wreckers (50 points) – George Evans, Rhys Rice, Daniel Whitehead and Matthew Whitehead.

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