Children’s Challenge 2016

Results and pictures from the Children’s Challenge 2016

Homemade greetings card

7 years and under: 1st. D.J.KK     2nd.   Tess Lawson

8-11 years: tie 1st. Lilly-May Hayes and Tabitha Tremlett

2nd. Nerissa Lawson

tie 3rd. Ruby Cheevers and Allana Foote

Model using only recycled materials

7 years and under:   1st. Katherine Dawson             2nd.   Launa Symons

8-11 years:            1st. Lexi Smith

12-16 years:           tie 1st. Lauren Kalynuk-Saunders and Taylor Ismail-Smith

Drawing, painting or collage on the theme of “Carnival”

7 years and under:   1st. Audrey         2nd. Emily Taylor   3rd. Marlee Parsons

8-11 years:               1st. Ruby Cheevers       2nd. Lilly-May Hayes

Flower arrangement in a mug or teacup

7 years and under:     1st.   Bo Cheevers                   2nd.   Tess Lawson

8-11 years:               1st.   Nerissa Lawson

Poem, limerick or song about Dawlish

7 years and under:     1st. Katherine Dawson       2nd. Zachariah Bown

8-11 years:               1st. Nerissa Lawson

tie 2nd.   Danielle Garrett and Tabitha Tremlett

12-16 years:              1st.   Rosa-May Bown

Picture or creation made with seashells

7 years and under:     1st. Ronnie Pickin         2nd. Katherine Dawson

3rd. Bo Cheevers

8-11 years:               1st.   Ruby Cheevers         2nd.   Yasmin Sluman


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