Important Carnival Announcement – Appeal for Volunteers


Dawlish Celebrates Carnival held its latest committee meeting on Monday 18 November 2019.This was the fourth year that virtually the same committee members had put on a carnival week for the town. 2019 saw costs rise, but despite appalling weather on Parade Day, we managed to continue the programme and regardless of the rain, we achieved a healthy balance in the bank, this year, in preparation for 2020 carnival.

However, the shape and size of the committee is changing and there are a number of vacancies available, for anyone interested in being part of this successful group.
Whilst this is an exciting, professional group, volunteers should understand that the workload and commitment required can, on occasions, be significant. There are fund raising events across the year, legal, planning, sponsorship and logistical requirements to be undertaken to allow us to hold carnival, design and build the carnival float and take it to carnivals on the South Devon circuit along with our Royal family.

The committee consists of a group of ordinary people who have given up 4 years of their time to the Town. It is time for others to step up if they want to see Carnival continue. Members wishing to step down have made their decisions based on their own personal circumstances. There are no other reasons as we have a healthy bank balance that would support a Carnival in 2020, equipment purchased over the last 4 years, a store, a towing vehicle and float.

We fully appreciate that this may come as a surprise to many. However, we are at a point, that with other personal commitments, it is time to move over for other, enthusiastic people to take on the responsibility. Unless enough able and willing people put themselves forward before Christmas it is highly likely that Dawlish will not have a carnival in 2020.

If anyone is interested in supporting, what has been a really successful week-long event, over the last four years, then please get in touch, by the 4th December, with our secretary Mary Lowther on email or ring on 07585 669854.

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