Full Results 2017

£100 cash prize draw: T. Guest

Beach Aquathon

1st Donald Brooks 32.10 minutes
2nd Andrew Gunther 36 minutes
3rd Harvey Dann 37.06 minutes
1st Vikki Thompson 35.44 minutes
2nd Laura Wakeham 39.04 minutes
3rd Laura Law 44. 51 minutes
4th Gill Hardy 52.56 minutes

Best dressed window results

1st Ten Green Bottles

2nd Hays Travel

3rd The Children’s Society

Children’s Challenge results:

7 years and under
A home-made greetings card
1st Audrey Custans-Coles
2nd Tess Lawson
3rd Daisy Wilson

7 Years and under
Decorated Paper Plate
1st Ben Fletcher
2nd Katherine Dawson
3rd Abiee Wesson

7 years and under
Model using recycled materials
1st Katerine Dawson
2nd Theo Henley

7 years and under
An animal figure made from fruit and vegetables
1st Tess Lawson

7 years and under
A garden on a tray
1st Leo Anthony
2nd Amber Flowers
3rd Ruby Flowers

7 years and under
A poem, or limerick on the theme of circus
1st Tess Lawson
2nd Ben Fletcher
3rd Katherine Dawson

8 to 11 years
A homemade greetings card
1st Lewis Wilson

8 to 11 years
Decorated paper plate
1st Charlie Fletcher
2nd Evelyn Piper
3rd Melissa Comer

8 to 11 years
Model using recycled materials
1st Lexi Smith
2nd Charlie Fletcher
3rd Nerissa Lawson

8-11 years
A garden on a tray
1st Gracie Sluman
2nd Jenette Ford
3rd Nerissa Lawson

8-11 years
A poem or limerick on the theme of circus
1st Charlie Fletcher
2nd Nerissa Lawson

12 to 16 years
An animal figure made from fruit and vegetables
1st Thewa Butler
2nd Annika Archer

Darts knockout competition


Ladies Liz Stoneman and runner up Tracey Darnborough

Men’s Chris Hunt and runner up Rich Roberts 

Disney Quiz Winner: Michelle Brison

Dog Show

Best in show
Barney owned by Arthur Woods

Reserve best in show
Rudi owned by Eloise and Vicky Bridle

Most like owner
1st Barney owned by Arthur Woods
2nd Sugar owned by Katie Henley
3rd Diego owned by Kelly Delve
Highly commended Harry owned by Lauren Scott

Best trick
1st Rudi owned by Eloise Bridle
2nd Alfie owned by Hayden Cousins
3rd Pepsi owned by Sue Henley
Highly commended Harry owned by Lauren Scott

Waggiest Tail
1st Maggie owned by Ellie Taylor
2nd Buddy owned by Charlotte Cridge
3rd Rory owned by Anneka
Highly commended Lola owned by Jackie Dunbar

Results of the best behaved puppy
1st Meg owned by May Harris
2nd Sid Price owned by Karen Price
3rd Frankie owned by Ellie Clarke
Highly commended Lilly owned by Amy Smith

Winners of the most gorgeous pooch
1st Teyah with owner Cath Keirle
2nd Tilly with owner Simon Fry
3rd Blue with owner Savannah Wawman
Highly commended Alfie owed by Hayden Cousins

Duck Race Winners:
1st £50 No. 325
2nd £30 No. 298
3rd £20 No.365

Family races results

Boys 2-3 years
1. Jack Lord
2.Luca Broadhurst
3. John Tamlyn

Girls 2-3 years
1.Cleo Cheevers
2.Abigail Armson
3. Abigail Boyland

Girls 4-5 years
1. Isla Rockley
2. Lilly Mai Simons
3. Natilie Brown

Boys 4-5 years
1. Harry Dennett
2. Timilehin Aworinde
3. Elliot Starr

Boys 6-7 years
1. Ryan Jones
2. Coby Strong
3. Jack Newbury

Girls 6-7 years
1. Isla Nicholson
2. Katie Stoneman
3. Lataya Beckwith

Boys 8-9 years
1. Sonny Mitchell
2. Iseoluwa Aworinde
3. Rocky Strong

Girls 8-9 years
1. Mia Bell
2. Alice Boyett
3. Jenette Ford
Boys 10-11 years
1. Owen Rose
2. Kier Fraser
3. Sam Bradford

Girls 10-11 years
1. Brook Rockley
2. Jessica Hellier
3. Paige Nightingale

Girls 12-14 years
1. Alisha Archer
2. Jessica Hill
3. Bethany Barnes

Boys 12-14 years
1. Joe Moran
2. Barnaby Edgar
3. Dylan Jones

1. Hollie Simons
2. Anne Aworinde
3. Aimee Povey

1. Finn Graham
2.Harvey Matthews
3, Rick Palmer

Find the Beach Ball

Poppy and Rose Jose

Foot Treasure Hunt


Fun Run

1st Peter Heckles 19 mins 21 secs
2nd Keith Scholey 23 mins 18 secs
3rd Richard Jenkins 23 mins 40 secs

1st Nicky Iveson 29 mins 29 secs
2nd Grace Stidworthy 31 min 12 secs
3rd Beth Iveson 32 min 19 secs

Fancy Dress
1st Stone Age Group
2nd The Pirate
3rd G Stidworthy

Junior Pram Race Results
1st Coryton Cove’rs

1st Emoji Runners
2 Geek squad

1st Gru’s Crew
2nd Red Arrows
3rd Magic Carpet

Special award: Three Footies

Decorative: Magic Carpet

Humorous: Coryton Cove’rs 

Misplaced Article

1st Chloe Patterson
2nd Katie Elson
3rd Abbie Cotton

Parade Results

Class A – Floats longer than 25 foot
1st Birds of Paradise
2nd Aloha

Class B – Floats shorter than 25 foot
1st All the Fun of the Fair
2nd Donald Trump on holiday
3rd Long Boat Returns

Class C – Visiting Royalty
1st Showtime at Circus
2nd Willy Wonka
3rd Raving in Rio
Highly Commended – Dream Catcher
Highly Commended – The Windmill

Class C1 – Queen of Queens
The Windmill

Class C2 – Princess/Prince
Willy Wonka

Class C3 – Attendants
The Windmill

Class D Community Group or Mixed Group Youth
1st Starlights

Class E – Community or Mixed Group Adult and Mixed Ages
1st West Country Pirates
2nd Noah’s Ark
3rd Destiny Majorettes
Highly Commended – Tae-Kwon-Do
Highly Commended – Neverland

Class F – Individual Fancy Dress Adult
1st Arabian Princess
2nd Cruella du Ville
3rd Mickey Mouse
4th equal Scaredy Squirrel and Harry Potter

Presentation of the Dawlish in Bloom Winners at Carnival
Holiday Accommodation – Bridge House
Business Premises – Strand Community Centre/Strand Church
Pub – Brunswick Arms
Private Residential – Vanessa Hurley, Ashcombe Dawlish

Highly Commended
Business Premises – Friends of Dawlish Train Station
Private Residential – Ian Morris, Dawlish
Private Residential – Carol Norton, Dawlish
Private Residential – Shirley Wilkins, Dawlish

Quiz Night

1st Cheesy McCheeseface

2nd Six of the rest

3rd I’ve got a wedge

Raft race winners
Best construction
Flintstones (Dawlish Gardens Trust)

Best fancy dress
Smurfs (Sports Bar)

Best effort
Your barred (White Hart)

Race winners 


Sand Sculpture competition winners

6 to 10 years
1st Arthur Edgar, Thomas and Ryan Hellier
2nd Bobby Jenkins

11-15 years
1st Phoebe Reed
2nd Emma Smith
3rd Alisha Chadwick

1st equal – Chadwicks (Manchester Bee)
And Cheevers (Black Swan)
2nd Blackwells
3rd Helliers and Edgars
Highly commended: Watkins

Sea swimming results

Under 12s

25 metres
1st G Watkins
2nd Amber McKay
1st Ashley Lane
2nd Alfie Lane
3rd Joseph Thompson
Highly commended Oliver Sharland

50 metres
1st Phoebe Reed
2nd Amber McKay
1st Fletcher Wickham
2nd Ashley Lane
3rd Leo Clarke

12 to 14 years
50 metres
1st Fletcher Wickham

1st Olivia Dann
2nd Lily Watkins

100 metres
1st Fletcher Wickham
1st Lily Watkins
2nd Olivia Dann

1st Damon Shorland
1st Sophie Reed
2nd Sarah Reed
3rd Liz Reed
Highly commended Vicky Manley-Tucker

Welly Wanging

Under 5s
1. Samuel Morgan – 10.1 metres
2. Archie – 8.8m

5-9 years
1. Daniel – 22.1 metres
2. Jack – 20.4 metres

10-15 years
1. Josh – 33.3 metres
2. Anneka – 26.1 metres

1st Jenny Adams 17.1 metres
2nd = Claire and Niikki 15.6 metres

1st John Reed 34.9 metres
2nd Jason Mattey 33 metres

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